How to Appreciate the Little Things in Life

We think about future events or get frustrated about our own reactions of the past. This does not get us anywhere and at some times it even takes a lot away from us. A lot of moments we could not fully enjoy or appreciate. Since I started to meditate a few months ago, I become […]

We are Taking a Little Lunch Break

Every weekend we are taking our lunch break at a local little eatery that offers many vegan options as well. It is great that even living in super small town you can find options for vegans everywhere now. At least here in New Zealand it is pretty common for cafés to offer at least one […]

Meditation is Key to a Calmer and Healthier Mind

I see more and more people who are interested in meditation, me being one of them. I never really thought about it before, but since a few month I somehow feel the urge to try it out. A great way to start getting more familiar with the topic of meditation is the app „Calm“. You […]